By Michael Park

I recently left my job as a Senior Software Engineer at Mesosphere. While I’ve said my good-byes to my co-workers in San Francisco, I haven’t had the chance to do so for my co-workers Hamburg yet. Part of the point of this Eurotrip itinerary is to do just that.

Day 0: Copenhagen → Hamburg

Landed in Copenhagen at 11am, got some food at a food hall near Central Station and took a peek at Tivoli. Got on a train to Hamburg around 2pm. We’ll be back here for the end of the trip. At this point I crashed… so hard. Literally falling asleep standing up, Amber had to basically carry me to Hamburg 😴…

Staying at a co-worker’s place in Sternschanze ❤️.

Day 1: Sternschanze, Speicherstadt

A full day of walking!

Coffee at elbgold, decent coffee. We walked through Sternschanze, through St. Pauli, over to Speicherstadt. We first stopped at the Hamburg Rathaus which made Amber cry a little . Overwhelmed with joy of seeing Europe for the first time. Earlier than I thought, since I thought it would happen in Paris 😬.

Dinner at a little German restaurant at a random corner called Restaurant Im Sprinkenhof. Very cozy atmosphere, with many groups of people who have been there for a while some still drinking coffee, and some already switched over to beer. The food was also quite delicious. I liked this place a lot.

Next stop: Speicherstadt. I got to show Amber around the neighborhood where I lived for 3 months. My old apartment, the 8-min commute to Mesosphere, my second favorite coffee shop, Kaffee Roasterei, etc. Speicherstadt is a neighborhood that used to be full of warehouses with canals going through all over. Cool spot to hang out in Hamburg!

Crahsed back to the apartment around 8pm.

Day 1.5: Reeperbahn

Woke up around 2am ish… probably a bit jetlagged. Lounging around in bed for a while, debating whether to check out the nightlife in Hamburg. 3am now… Isn’t it too late? I don’t know… Are places even open still..? 5am… Fuck it. Let’s just go!

Yep. Headed out to Hamburg’s (in)famous Red Light District, Reeperbahn. Walked by many drunk crowds clearly headed home, but the bars were still open. People still out. Still dancing. Had a few drinks and checked out 2 bars.

We leave the second bar around 7am, walking further down Reeperbahn and we come across an alley way. Reeperbahn was closing down, but this alley way was completely bumpin’ still. We walk into a club and danced for a while. It was silly. People are still partying at 8am. Amazing.

Every Sunday morning, there is an event at Hamburg’s Fishmarkt. We took a bus there, although the tradition is to walk over. I didn’t know how to take a bus though, so I walk onto the bus and drunkenly said “uh… how much is it..?” to which the bus driver just waved me through. He was not dealing with me on a Sunday morning 🤣.

This particular morning had a live band, food trucks, beer, and as I’ve heard, an interesting mix of the drunks who haven’t gone to sleep yet, and early-birds who are starting a wholesome Sunday. All here to have fun.

Grabbed some food, a beer, some more dancing.

Got home around 11am. What a night/morning 😄.

Day 2: Brunch… Lunch, Dinner?

The plan was to get brunch with couple of my co-workers. I pinged them at 11am as I was crashing, and told them let’s meet for 2pm. We didn’t actually get around to eating till like, 4pm though. Walking around Sternschanze trying to find a place that’s good, open, and not too busy got a little challenging.

We stopped at a coffee shop called Kopiba although their sign outside says Deathpresso which is the coffee they serve. Anyway, this is the best Cappuccino I’ve ever had. Unbelievable. Better than Blue Bottle. Better than Four Barrel. Top-shelf milk quality, steamed to perfection, bringing out the amazing sweetness of the milk infused with the shot of espresso. I’m now inspired to step up my Cappuccino game at home.

Eventually we got to a restaurant, and the food was quite good. It was a place called Bullerei, although I think there are 2 restaurants in it. There’s a steak place, and the place we went to. The steak place is terrible from what I hear.

Called it a day early evening and relaxed. Still jet-lagged.

Day 3: Nordcoast, Amsterdam

We went back to Kopiba today for the coffee, and to try their breakfast this time. Fantastic. Great combination of fresh flavorful produce with a few meat items with, again, amazing Cappuccino.

Met up with a couple of co-workers at a coffee shop called Nordcoast. This is my favorite coffee shop. Well, at least until I had found out about Kopiba. I spent a lot of time here on weekends while I was living in Hamburg, working on my personal projects, and jump-starting my book reading efforts. Anyway, it was really nice to catch up with these guys.

Next stop: Amsterdam! 🚆